Foothills Full Body Massage - 60 Minutes

The Foothills Signature Massage is a unique full-body treatment. Head to toe, this treatment will relax, align and elongate muscles with long, flowing strokes and gentle stretching. Feet get special attention with a refreshing foot massage, while headaches and shoulder tension are eased with a calming scalp massage. A truly memorable experience!

Foothills Signature Swedish Massage - 30 Minutes and 60 Minutes

Swedish massage promotes relaxation among other health benefits. The slow gentle kneading stokes of the Swedish Massage warms up the muscle tissue, releasing tension and gradually breaking up muscle knots. This is a massage for the person who truly wants to relax.

The Ultimate ARNICA & HOT TOWEL MASSAGE - 60 Minutes

The ultimate relaxing experience combining muscle-release massage, steaming hot towels, and extracts of arnica, takes away aches and pains. Does not include Deep Tissue.

Stress Relieving Massage - 20 min. and 40 min.

Clear your mind, relax and say *ahh* as we rejuvenate your scalp, neck, shoulders, arms and upper back. Great for a Lunchtime stress reliever. Due to popularity this can be purchased in a Monthly package (Four 20min sessions $ 115. or Four 40min Sessions $ 195.)

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