About PLASMA IQ™ Pen

PLASMA IQ™ Treatment

Anti-Aging Treatment

The PLASMA IQ™ Pen aims to tighten mildly sagging skin, lessen fine lines, and improve acne scars. It triggers a healing response that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, making your skin tighter, smoother, and more youthful. The PLASMA IQ™ Pen offered at Revive Skin Care is a non-invasive, soft-surgical skin tightening treatment that helps stimulate the fibroblasts in the skin, significantly tightening, repairing and eliminating wrinkles.

PLASMA IQ™ is one of only two hand-held plasma energy devices cleared by the FDA to safely and effectively rejuvenate and tighten skin. It uses exact microbeams of focused energy in a minimally invasive treatment that can be done quickly to reduce the signs of aging.

Skin texture concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, skin tags, and some skin lesions can be addressed with Plasma IQ treatments.

  • FDA cleared for safe and effective aesthetic treatment
  • Rejuvenates the skin to reduce the signs of aging
  • May improve skin smoothness and texture
  • Encourages the skin’s natural glow
results from a Plasma IQ Pen

PLASMA IQ™ Pen Treatment Stages

Stage 1

The nitrogen plasma energy transfers to the skin’s epidermal layer, heating and disrupting the deeper dermal structure. causes immediate superficial micro-trauma to the upper epidermal layer of the skin.

Stage 2

This micro-trauma affects the superficial epidermis as well as a deeper zone within the dermis – particularly the fibroblasts. This stimulates the healing process, creating rejuvenated tissue over the next 12 weeks.

Stage 3

Collagen and elastin are produced, plumping the structure of the skin to soften and eliminate lines and wrinkles. Giving patients a tighter more youthful appearance.

PLASMA IQ™ Pen Benefits

  • Improve and brighten skin tone, laxity, and texture
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Dramatically reduce, inflate, and plump lines and wrinkles

The PLASMA IQ™ Pen can treat many other areas on the body besides the face. Other treatment areas include:

    • Eye Lift/ Brow Lift
    • Upper/Lower Eyelids
    • Upper, Mid & Lower Facial Lines
    • Lip Lines & Shape
    • Decollete
    • Legs and Knees

Scars Revision

  • Skin Tags, Blemishes, and Hemangiomas
  • Stomach & Stretchmarks
  • Necklift & Neck Lines


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