The Spa & Aesthetics Center Facials

A facial is a skin beauty treatment that leaves your skin looking younger and more healthy. There are many different types of facials that focus on different skin conditions. Facials can include peels, masks, exfoliating, deep cleansing and moisturizing treatments. Facials can also help with anti-aging and acne. After a relaxing facial, your skin can feel revitalized and refreshed.

Our facial aestheticians will provide a skin evaluation to help customize your facial to meet your skin's needs.

All facials include a relaxing hand and arm massage.

Foothills Spa Traditional Facials

Our personalized, 30-minute facial treatment addresses your top skin concern in a convenient amount of time. Complete with a double deep cleanse, exfoliation, mini massage and finished off with toning and protection, our 30 min facial is perfect for the client always on the go!

A truly revolutionary treatment customized at every step to your specific skin condition. The Classic Facial includes a skin examination, deep cleanse of your skin, an extraction, customized masque for your skin type. The facial is finished up with a serum for your skin type, eye and lip cream and SPF hydration. A great way to relax and give your skin the pampering it needs.

Indulge in Obagi Facials, the ultimate step to noticeably beautiful, healthy-looking skin, in a 60 minute facial. Exfoliate, rejuvenate, and revitalize the appearance of your skin with this customized Obagi facial treatment.

This Facial includes skincare analysis with a "skin care plan". Suggestions specific to your needs, to extend your facial results with products at home.

Accomplished Science can transform your skin. Get Real Results with Skinbetter Science. This Facial uses accomplished science with a deep knowledge of the skins' chemistry. Remarkable results can be achieved simply through purposeful product innovation, which is why advanced chemistry can help skincare products do more. This Facial includes skincare analysis with a "skin care plan". Suggestions specific to your needs to extend your facial results with products at home.

Nothing could be sweeter for your senses and your skin as you relax and enjoy the benefits of a honey masque.

This invigorating facial is made from pure, organic honey and orange blossom essential oil, which softens and revitalizes the skin while providing antibacterial benefits and immune system support. Honey stimulates the regrowth of tissue, strengthens capillaries and the fibroblasts needed for healing. It also encourages the dermis to develop new connective tissue and speeds up the growth of epithelial cells. Honey lift is designed to delight your senses and provide wonderful, natural face-lifting benefits!

A calming and soothing facial perfect for sensitive skin, rosacea and eczema clients Includes Chamomile Mask.

Get your daily dose of Vitamin C with this anti-aging facial packed with vitamins and antioxidants to fight free radical damage and erase the signs of aging for a more youthful complexion. Recommended For: Dull, uneven tone and texture. Not recommended for very sensitive skin and acneic skin.

Epicuren Professional Facial Treatments

A state-of-the-art treatment that can lift, tighten and firm your skin, improving texture, clarity and tone. The Epicuren Signature Facial is non-invasive and often referred to as a non-surgical facelift. While it is especially effective for sun-damaged or aging skin, the Epicuren Signature Facial works on all skin types. An advanced enzymatic peel is coupled with layers of skin-tightening masks, which are systematically applied to mimic an aerobic, toning exercise for the face, visually improving muscle tone, firmness, and elasticity.

An exotic cocktail of Goji, Pomegranate, Acai, and Bilberry creates the perfect solution for symptoms of acne, large pore size, hyper-pigmentation, and fine lines. A refreshing enzymatic fruit puree dissolves lifeless cells while their seeds gently buff them away. These deliciously aromatic superfruits are packed full of vitamin C, minerals, proteins, and age-defying antioxidants to leave the skin looking smooth and vibrant.

Designed specifically for gentlemen on-the-go, this targeted facial is ideal for the man who has just received a shave and a haircut, or is simply looking to maintain a clear, youthful complexion. The combination of steaming hot towels, enzymatic peel, hydrating mask, and last but not least...relaxing neck and shoulder massage, create the perfect quick fix treatment to refresh and refine all skin types.

Green Tea and Seaweed Soothing Facial This facial is an extremely calming treatment and is beneficial for even the most sensitive skin. The Green Tea & Seaweed Soothing Mask will detoxify, then replenish the skin using a variety of South Pacific Ocean seaweed ingredients delicately blended with Green Tea. This clean, refreshing mask delivers rich minerals, vitamins, and enzymes from the ocean to your skin.

This facial addresses dry, dehydrated skin. The Hydrating Mineral Mask contains Copper, Magnesium, and Zinc that restore the freshness and vitality of the skin. Rose Hips Oil and Aloe Vera calm and hydrate the skin for total rejuvenation.

This power-packed facial has you looking younger in no time with a resurfacing microdermabrasion and Retinol combo. A facial massage drenches the skin with an extra dose of hydration, plus Epicuren®’s Soothe | Dermal Repair duo stops inflammation in its tracks, so the skin will remain healthy and youthful for many years to come. Prepare yourself for constant compliments as you step away from this facial with an unmistakable flawless radiance.

This facial is designed to introduce teens to the basics of skincare and acts as a proactive step for years to come. Teens learn how to properly cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, prevent, and correct breakouts, along with the importance of sun protection. When it matters the most, Epicuren®’s high quality of standards will provide expedient results.

The Pumpkin Spice Facial is the perfect treatment for addressing acne, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Pumpkin is known to be the highest ingredient source of natural vitamin A, along with containing over 100 other beneficial vitamins and phyto-nutrients. Malic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which has been shown to promote smoother, younger looking skin by increasing the rate of cellular turnover and renewal. Skin will feel noticeably softer by digesting the dead skin cells, decongesting the pores, and revealing a fresh glow.

Utilizing the natural lightening ingredient Arbutin, this facial will brighten the skin by decreasing the visibility of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Your skin will look and feel smooth and supple.

Naturopathicas' Holistic Wellness Facials

This revitalizing treatment is customized using clinical-grade pear/fig enzymes from Naturopathica to significantly reduce fine lines, wrinkles or acne scarring. You will leave with your skin feeling polished and smooth.

This antioxidant rich treatment significantly helps with rehydrating, rough dehydrated skin. A creamy, nutrient-rich mask that blends detoxifying White Tea, hydrating Borage Seed Oil and soothing Aloe Vera to hydrate, firm and replenish devitalized skin.

This refreshing facial with an exfoliating peel that helps brighten and smooth sun-damaged skin. Sweet Cherry Puree is a vitamin-rich anti-inflammatory while Resveratrol helps brighten and even skin tone.

Medical Grade Facials

The Newest wave of skincare treatments

Experience dramatic results with no downtime or discomfort with this high-tech treatment.

The HydraFacial MD is Unique serum delivery system that puts the HydraFacial into a category of its own. The multi-step treatment cleanses, exfoliates, and extracts impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time quenching skin with vital nutrients like antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. The amazing results are both instant and long-lasting.

A Gentleman's HydraFacial MD is also available customized to a man’s skin needs.

If you’re battling the effects aging can have on your skin, or trying to address it before the battle even starts, Clear + Brilliant can help. With simple, gentle laser treatments provided by your licensed skincare professional, you can help prevent the visible signs of aging and address the overall dulling effects time and the environment can have on your skin.

A Proven History of Laser Science: The Clear + Brilliant laser was developed by Solta Medical – the pioneers of fractional laser treatments with a proven history of over five million treatments. Designed with powerfully precise laser energy to stimulate a collagen boost, Clear + Brilliant quickly and effectively treats the signs of aging to reveal more youthful looking skin. Clear + Brilliant was not only designed to be effective, but also to be comfortable. The system's smart-tip technology and advanced precision energy system ensures excellent results with little to no social downtime.

Common conditions treated by the MicroPen include:

  • Acne
  • Acne scarring
  • Trauma scarring
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Stretch marks
  • Tired, dull skin

The Eclipse MicroPen uses a process called Automated Micro-Needling, or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars by stimulating production of the skin’s own collagen and elastin. Both found naturally in the skin, collagen and elastin help give skin a healthy glow and more youthful appearance. The micro-channels created by the pen also allow the skin to better absorb topical creams, gels, and serums.

Quick superficial salicylic acid-based facial chemical peel that exfoliates and helps improve overall complexion, and provides firmer, smoother, brighter-looking skin after just 1 use. A series of 4 to 6 peels provides best overall results.

Blue Peel RADIANCE® helps improve the appearance of the following skin concerns:

- fine lines and wrinkles
- rough, uneven skin
- blemishes
- mild to moderate photoaging

Active Ingredient:
20% Salicylic Acid

Blue Peel RADIANCE Before & After


Check with us about our "Foothills Monthly Facials" using State of the Art products.

All these facials are done in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere listening to soft sounds of water and music. Aromatherapy is available upon request.